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Load Files, Drag and Drop Files

Drop .PLN files onto the home, browse, or flight generator page to create flights, and drop .BMP images on most screens to change backgrounds.

Load .PLN files or .BMP files with the Load File dialog, available from the popup menu. Load File is compatible with FS9 and FSX ".PLN" plan files, (more types with >augmented expansion), and also compatible with FS ".BMP" screenshot files.

Special buttons on the Load File dialog: Left: Set the FSX default directory into the dialog and make it the favourite. Middle: Set Favourite to the current directory. Right: Set the favourite directory into the dialog and display the files. There is memory for both bitmap, and plan, favourite directories.

Aerosoft NavDataPro

AIRAC: Ideal Flight 10 >augmented comes with the NavDataPro dataset by Aerosoft, "IF10" downloaded separately. Please see AIRAC Add-in Navigation Data, complimentary AIRAC download.


Please contact Aidata Limited via the contact page at the codelegend website.

Help is available throughout Ideal Flight. For help to appear press "F1".

A Pop-Up Menu is available throughout Ideal Flight. For the pop-up menu to appear, right-click the mouse or press "Escape".

(>augmented): Refers to features supported only with the licensed "IF10 >augmented" Upgrade Pack.

Printing this document: Please choose to "print background images" in the page setup options of your browser.

These Ideal Flight Help System documents make up the complete IF10 manual.