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Parked Aircraft: To see parked aircraft in the simulation, park away from runways, helipads, and official parking bays. Once the current aircraft has landed, changing to another aircraft leaves your current aircraft parked where it is. Parking on Helipads and Runways is said to be "Private Parking"

Other Locations: Interesting locations other than airports are available for helicopter maintenance mission landing sites. Aircraft can be nominated for maintenance missions in the Mission page, Missions and Vessel Landings, check "Maintenance Locations".

Ship Landings: Landing on a Ship and returning safely in an Ideal Flight mission, counts as two flights, and double points. Set off and see if a landing can be made. If not, there should be enough fuel for the return flight, scored as a single flight.

Glider Starts: Gliders always start on a runway waiting for the tow plane, grass runways are chosen if a suitable one is available.

Drop Files: Drop .PLN files onto the airport screen home page, flight generation page, or world map page, to create flights. Drop .BMP image files on most screens to change backgrounds. Backgrounds can be reset with the Popup Menu item, Show Original Background.