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Profiles\Settings.ini File

There are some values in the Settings.ini file that can be edited if required:


  • DefBackGroundTransparancy: The percentage transparency of the white background, to contrast with the dark text.
  • JPGQualityPercent: The percentage JPG quality setting for saving dropped images as JPG files.
  • ListImageHeight: Enter the height in pixels to display the aircraft images in the HTML aircraft reports.
  • BrowserCopiesBriefingSize: When the briefing is viewed in your internet browser, it will appear the same size as the briefing appears in the FSX kneeboard.


  • DefFuelAmount: Set a default fuel percentage level. There will always be at least DefFuelAmount% fuel on board when there is an unspecified distance, or Free Flight.
  • MinFuelAmount: Set a minimum fuel percentage level. There will always be at least MinFuelAmount% fuel on board.
  • AdvanceFuelRemainingMins: To avoid running out of fuel, the Advance functions require a minimum number of minutes fuel at cruise speed.
  • AiMinSelection: Minimum number of Ai models selected for each airport.
  • AiSelectionPercent: Percentage of available Ai models selected in the Ai Selection box for each airport.
  • AIIgnore: These aircraft types will not appear as AI Aircraft added by Ideal Flight. Also see Ai Aircraft
  • AIMaxPercent: If over 10 parking places per airport, maximum percentage of parking used by IF Ai (x100).
  • AiRatio: Percentage of Ai to dedicate to the Departure and Destination airports (x100).
  • AiParked: Percentage of Ai Aircraft parked, awaiting departure (x100).
  • PreCrashSeconds: Number of seconds to wind the clock back after crashing.
  • NearbyRunwayDistance: Add-on airports superimposing runways, and runways with no starting places. If a defined runway has no starts and is more than this distance (Ft) away from other runways defined at the airport, then starts will be made for it if there are none. Some grass runways can be accessed this way. If there are undesirable additional starts, increase the distance (default 1000 feet).
  • ProximityMagnifyer: Magnify the forces generated by the wake proximity of aircraft movement, engines. (Magnifier values supported between 0 and 20: 10=x1.0, 20=x2.0, 1=x0.1).
  • TaxiSpeedLimitPercent: Maximum Taxi Speed is exceeded when Ground Speed exceeds: Limit * (100 + TaxiSpeedLimitPercent) / 100.
  • LowAirspeedLimitPercent: Low Altitude Airspeed Limit is exceeded when True Airspeed exceeds: Limit * (100 + LowAirspeedLimitPercent) / 100.
  • LowAirspeedAltLimitPercent: Low Altitude Airspeed Limit is checked with Altitudes below: Limit * (100 - LowAirspeedAltLimitPercent) / 100.


  • FlatPartPercent: Set a minimum percentage distance to be travelling level during the route. A greater percentage flat part means less time to ascend and descend, so the plan will reduce the cruise altitude if the departure and destination are close enough.
  • FinalLeg: Minutes allowed for final approach leg. Please see the Flight Plans section.
  • ThirtyDegreeLeg: Minutes allowed for thirty degree off approach leg.
  • ApproachLegMin: Minimum minutes allowed for the initial approach leg.
  • FinalLegSmall: Minutes allowed for final approach leg for shorter approaches.
  • ThirtyDegreeLegSmall: Minutes allowed for thirty degree off approach leg for shorter approaches.
  • ApproachLegMinSmall: Minimum minutes allowed for the initial approach leg for shorter approaches.
  • MinMapDistance: The minimum distance in view around a route.
  • MinADMapDistance: The minimum distance in view around the zoomed Approach and Departure maps. (>augmented)
  • FAFMaxLimit: Limit how far a Final Approach Fix (FAF) can be off-route before a computed approach takes over. Nm. If the final approach fix waypoint is far off course IF makes a closer computed final approach fix for the GPS in line with the runway. Whatever the fix used in the plan, the briefing contains headings and distances to natural fixes if they exist in the data, and with radio frequency shown if it's a VOR type or NDB.
  • FAFMinLimit: Limit how close a Final Approach Fix can get to the destination runway before a computed FAF is used in the route.
  • ComplexRoute: Default False. Set to True to increase route finding time to allow increased route complexity (may not improve routes in some areas).
  • HybridRoute: Default True. Set to False to prevent the planner including off-airway navaids when airways are scarcely populated.
  • LowAltPercent: Default 70%. The minimum percentage portion of route distance that can be maintained at the desired cruise altitude, before the planner will choose a higher cruise altitude to clear all minimum altitudes along the entire route.


  • WeatherUpdateNm: Ensure the weather is updated after WeatherUpdateNm.
  • WeatherUpdateMins: Ensure the weather is updated after WeatherUpdateMins.
  • WeatherItems: Number of weather locations updated per second, during weather updates.
  • AdjustAltitudeVisability: Allow weather updates during ascent and descent, to adjust layers of visibility, so as to generally avoid lines on clouds.
  • AddInWs: IF adds weather stations where there are none.
  • FogClouds: Fog clouds form on or near the ground around dawn and dusk.
  • FixDeptWeatherDistance: Radius in Nm, around Departure for Weather Override of the type selected.
  • FixDestWeatherDistance: Radius in Nm, around Destination for Weather Override of the type selected. Takes precedence when overlapping with the Departure setting.
  • GroundEffectMs: Ground Effect force, a cushion of near ground airflow; base value in meters per second.
  • WindShearEffectsMs: Wind Shear effects, changes in wind direction and height speed winds converging, can cause the aircraft to fall momentarily.
  • TurbulenceEffectsMs: Turbulence found in high winds and places where the winds can be unsettled, nearby thermal activity, mountains.
  • ProximityEffectsMs: Turbulence near moving objects and running aircraft jet engines and propellers.
  • OverspeedEffectsMs: Turbulence and airframe distortion near maximum airspeed.
  • MaxTurbMs: Turbulence limit (m/s).


  • FNames, SNames: Change the default set of Non Player Character names.


  • NearGoundDistance: Set the proximity, or distance, wheels must be with the ground (inches * 100, 3.5" = 350), to be considered touching the ground when other wheels touch down. (Expressed as a proportion of 10 foot distance between gear locations, default 3" per 10ft).

.csv file settings found on "Records" page, in popup menu. The Flight Records icon will display an oscilloscope trace in front when .csv file logging is enabled. (>augmented)

  • FlightCsvLog: Flight Recorder - A Comma Separated Values (csv) text file, records aircraft location, simulator environment, and process data. (>augmented)
  • RestartCsvLog: The flight recorder .csv file is restarted with each flight attempt. Field list: Item #, Heading (Deg), Pitch (Deg), Bank (Deg, Yaw (Deg), Latitude (Deg), Longitude (Deg), Altitude (Ft), Ground Elevation (Ft), Alt Above Ground (Ft), Air Speed (KTAS), Indicated Speed (KIAS), Ground Speed (Knt), Vertical Speed (Fpm), Wind Speed (Knt), Winds From (Deg), Pressure (mb), Temperature (OAT C), Total Weight (Lb), Sim Rate (x), Sim Time Interval (s), Absolute Time (s), Time Zone Offset (s), Zulu Time (s), Local Seconds (s), Local Day (d), Local Year (y), Local Time (h:m:s), Sim VAS (%), Sim VAS (Bytes), Frame Rate (fps), Delta fps, fps - Delta fps, Average fps, Average Delta, fps - Delta (Av). (>augmented)
  • FrameRateLog: Keeps a trace of Frame Rate (fps) and adds the value to the .csv file. Adds monitoring overhead with per-frame sampling, so Default is Off. Used for test purposes; can help when optimising settings for fps. (>augmented)
  • TraceWait: Number of Seconds, after starting the simulation, before trace recording commences. (>augmented)
  • TraceMask: A mask is made from zero's and one's "01010011'. A single zero leaves all items listed. Otherwise any other mask is filled from left to right with ones. There are 37 items. An example mask of "11010" would enable the first two items, disable the third, enable the fourth, disable the fifth, and enable all other items. (>augmented)

Improving the Average Delta, "fps - Delta (Av)" trace, provides the best simulator experience. Average Delta is computed with the standard deviation population formula:


Settings.ini File

Windows XP: see "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Ideal Flight 10\Profiles\Settings.ini"
Windows Vista and above: see "C:\ProgramData\Ideal Flight 10\Profiles\Settings.ini"