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Ideal Flight Fuel Calculation

The fuel calculator is rather more a facility to measure fuel use, during and for, any given flight. This provides values for Range based on the fuel actually used. We input Range into the calculator and the fuel is estimated with those conditions for each flight generated with that aircraft.

Advice on how to get the leanest fuel loading in Ideal Flight

Ideal Flight measures the fuel used by the aircraft in the sim and makes estimates from that, but we can alter the "Range" parameter to affect the overall fuel use.

During a flight the fuel consumption is recorded and can be shown in the on-screen message with the "Fuel Report" in-sim menu item, and is added to the flight log in more detail.

After the flight we can check the fuel report at the end of the de-brief assessment.

With Ideal Flight we fly, and get a 'feel' for the use of fuel through experience of that aircraft. We make our own adjustments to the flight; ascent rate, cruise speed, altitude, cargo, and find out how much fuel is used after the flight.

To alter the fuel calculation change aircraft properties. Go to the Aircraft screen in IF10 and press Aircraft Properties. Adjust Range, Cruise speed, Altitude, and so on.

Enable IF10 weather and generate the flight, fuel is calculated to be more if we are into the wind, and less fuel when flying with the wind direction.

Briefing Order:

To set the preferred order of the briefing sections go to Settings and adjust the positions of the buttons.

Flights\New Directory

Find all the flight and html files here. The briefing can be accessed by other machines if you share this folder. Look for 0_Ideal_Flight_Briefing.htm (0_ = profile ID), the other briefing .htm files are for the FSX Kneeboard and will not show the images.

Windows XP: see "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Ideal Flight 10\Flights\New"
Windows Vista and above: see "C:\ProgramData\Ideal Flight 10\Flights\New"

Ideal Flight fuel calculation, fuel consumption readouts, and quick flight information roundup section; registered copy only.