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Extra weather adjustments found in Settings.ini

from Settings.ini

WeatherUpdateNm=60                - Nm travelled to invoke weather updates
WeatherUpdateMins=20              - time flying to invoke weather updates
WeatherItems=33                   - Number of metars per second injected
AdjustAltitudeVisability=True     - False = do notupdate weather to avoid visibility layer lines on clouds
GroundEffectMs=5                  - 0..10 m/s default forces for atmospheric effects forces in meters per second airspeed
ProximityEffectsMs=5              - Proximity >augmented versions only
OverspeedEffectsMs=5              - effects forces in meters per second airspeed
ShearFreqPercent=50               - 0..100% possibility of shear effects
TurbFreqPercent=50                - 0..100% possibility of turbulent effects
Windows XP: see "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Ideal Flight 10\Profiles\Settings.ini"
Windows Vista and above: see "C:\ProgramData\Ideal Flight 10\Profiles\Settings.ini"