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Ideal Flight: add-on aggeddon for FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D

New version available for Prepar3D v6!

An essential add-on; Ideal Flight is a whole new adventure.

Take the burden out of setting up a flight in Flight Simulator *. A single press of a button creates a next logical flight with flight plan and briefing.

Building fully featured flights is just a part of Ideal Flight; another button puts you straight into the cockpit with an in-sim menu of special functions, kneeboard flight information, and procedurally generated weather.

Ideal Flight uses the range of the aircraft, its flying speeds, your flying technique and your requested approximate flight time to search for filtered compatible airports within that range and requested flight time.

codelegend Graphic: TAccessible

FSX+IF Screenshot: Cloudbase Cloudbase example: Default FSX, Ideal Flight weather engine. Aircraft: codelegend BB58TC
codelegend Graphic: Logo

Screen Reader Accessibility Provided for Narrator and NVDA. Ideal Flight incorporates technology for purposefully guiding leading screen reader software.

TAccessible descriptions include helpful narrative for all features, with far more than simple label readouts.

Do more flying, see more airports, feel the environment come alive.

Ideal Flight - Not just a front end for Flight Simulator *

Warning: Once you've used Ideal Flight, there's no going back!

Ideal Flight available now →

Ideal Flight Feedback →

* FSX/FSX-SE and Prepar3D v2/3, v4/5 and v6


IF10 >augmented: add-on avalanche for Microsoft FSX

It's greater than IF10

Increase your fun, and get more serious about your flying.

Unlock this upgrade pack for IF10. Every part of Ideal Flight is systematically upgraded, improved, expanded, and yet includes many new features. Greater than augmented. Note: Professional versions include all features and do not require the >augmented expansion pack.

Available from Flight1, and other leading FSX add-on stores.


Ideal Flight 10 Professional : Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2/3

Ideal Flight Professional : Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4/5

Ideal Flight S : Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v6

Note: Professional and S versions include all augmented features.

Available from Flight1.

P3D B58TC and FSX Turbo Pack

Please check out the two free add-on aircraft collections: FSX Turbo Pack and P3D B58TC.

Saitek APM

Saitek Panels: Problems with Saitek multi panel not showing altitude display? To set Saitek Advanced Power Management registry items easily: Download our free tool for setting AdvancedPowerManagementEnabled on Saitek USB HID items.

Desktop Imager
Printing Gadget

Screen Imp (no purchase required) makes it easy for you to print pictures and montages constructed from images of the desktop. There's no need to dump Print Screen to the printer or print out whole web pages with Screen Imp.

Scalpel around your screen by selecting sections with Screen Imp's Lens tool and the screen capture key, screen captured sections are all added to the memory list. Later, construct more meaningful images for your printer or database.

And that's not all; there is always the possibility of zooming in to the desktop with the lens and using various measurement and overlay tools, including compass and protractor.

Attention secretarial, admin, and office personnel: Create and print a montage of information grabbed from the screen. Easily print any image straight from the desktop or clipboard.

Attention designers, engineers, and digital map users: Screen Imp overlays measurement and layout tools onto your maps, designs, and images. Choose the compass, with calibratable north and custom units, to calculate heading, bearing, and range. Choose the protractor to calculate angles and distances of a triangle, with lockable sides and angles.

Screen Imp Graphic

Major features include:

  • real-time zoom camera view of the desktop
  • comprehensive magnifying glass mode
  • enhanced printing and print preview
  • fully-featured screen capture
  • accurate crop and measure tool
  • useful annotation features
  • image rotation and manipulation
  • film strip image store
  • measurement and layout tools
  • stitch images together
  • drag and drop file handling
  • thumbnail view with drag-drop sorting
  • desktop colour picker
  • image editing includes transparent colours
  • take with you on a portable storage device

And much more.

Great ways to use Screen Imp:

  • Print a montage of information, grabbed from the screen. Print many pictures on a single page or use the stitching tool to join them together into one big image. Add frames and borders to images to separate from each other.
  • The most basic capture is to position the lens over the desired part of the desktop and press the capture key. A print of the captured area is just one more keypress away, or have the image printed automatically with each capture.
  • Screen Imp is also an enhancement to the system Print Screen key. Instead of repeating screenshot capture and paste operations, Screen Imp stores the snapshots in a list. This way concentrates on just taking the shots to deal with the images later.
  • Screen Imp has the best tools for measurement and alignment of graphical content. Choose between camera and lens modes for unmatched views of your desktop, with tools overlaying the image.

Find other ideas in the Tutorials section.

Screen Imp Camera and Lens combine a useful selection of screen tools into a neat and handy package.

Great for web site designers, and teachers producing course material, visually impaired users, CAD professionals, software engineers, and almost everyone dealing with screen images.

Read More, or Download and install Screen Imp now, and see the features in greater detail. Practically anyone using a Windows PC would find Screen Imp useful on a day-to-day basis.

Ideal Flight Graphic

If you do any work at all with screen images or layout or need help viewing the desktop, you will find Screen Imp to be a valuable tool. (100% desktop scale only, no purchase required)

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