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October 31, 2023

Ideal Flight S - Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v6

Ideal Flight Professional - Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4/5

Ideal Flight 10 Professional - Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2/3

Ideal Flight 10 - FSX:SE (Steam Edition), FSX Standard, Deluxe, Acceleration, and FSX Gold (FSX versions SP1a, and SP2).

Please read the End User Licence Agreement before downloading Ideal Flight. You may also want to read the Website Terms & Conditions before downloading any software from the site.

Try ten flights free. Purchase provides full functionality. Upgrade FSX versions with the substantial >augmented expansion pack - please see retailer for details. Professional versions include full >augmented functionality.

After the Ideal Flight download has completed, extract the files, run the setup.exe program. After installing, run Ideal Flight from its icon, press F1 for Help, and read the Walk Through.

Updates: Please check the Report page and forum for new builds and updates. The general release available from Flight1 will usually be superseded by a fully functional preview build of the next version when available. Forum members can download the latest updated versions from the Preview discussion found in the Development & New Builds section of the Ideal Flight forum. Casual forum visitors, please check the Support forum, Latest Preview Builds discussion.

.zip - download, extract, run the setup.exe program

Ideal Flight S for Prepar3D v6

Download the Latest Ideal Flight S Setup.zip File (v 10.029aa) Download the latest Ideal Flight S setup.zip installation file:

Special accessibility features included: Voice and Assist.

Note: Ideal Flight S is the complete Ideal Flight feature set for Prepar3D v6 and requires x64 Windows 10 or later.

Ideal Flight Professional for Prepar3D v4 and v5

Download the Latest Ideal Flight Professional Setup.zip File (v 10.027ei) Download the latest Ideal Flight Professional setup.zip installation file:

Special accessibility features included: Voice and Assist.

Note: Ideal Flight Professional is the complete Ideal Flight feature set for Prepar3D v4 and v5 and requires x64 Windows 7 or later.

Ideal Flight 10 Professional for Prepar3D v2 and v3

Download the Latest Ideal Flight 10 Professional Setup.zip File (v 10.015pj) Download the latest Ideal Flight 10 Professional setup.zip installation file:

Note: Ideal Flight 10 Professional comes complete with the >augmented feature set for Prepar3D versions 2 through 3.

Ideal Flight 10 Special Edition for FSX and FSX:SE

Download the Latest Ideal Flight 10 Special Edition Setup.zip File (v 10.014fk) Download the latest Ideal Flight 10 Special Edition setup.zip installation file:

Special accessibility features included: Voice and Assist.

Ideal Flight 10 Special Edition is exactly the same as the original version IF10 from codelegend.com e-commerce. However, the Special Edition registration process is with Flight1 e-commerce servers and uses a different keycode system. Note: If you own Special Edition IF10 and have not yet upgraded with >augmented expansion pack, make sure to purchase the Special Edition >augmented keycode.

Ideal Flight 10 Original Version for FSX and FSX-SE

Download the Latest Ideal Flight 10 Setup.zip File (v 10.012sr) Download the latest Ideal Flight 10 setup.zip installation file:

Note: If you own original IF10 and have not yet upgraded with >augmented expansion pack, make sure to purchase the old style >augmented keycode.

Ideal Flight is designed for Windows security compatibility and will automatically choose elevated privileges when installing or removing the application. Rather than choosing "Run as Admin", install and removal procedures will detect the current privileges, and will pop-up the UAC dialogue asking for elevated privileges if need be.

With FSX Steam Edition we generally set the Ideal Flight desktop shortcut to Run as Admin. See help pages for more details.

Make sure no other programs, Explorer windows, add-ons, or simulator, are running when installing, removing, or running Ideal Flight the first time after installation.

Ideal Flight places the Briefing, an HTML file, into the Documents folders and this may be seen as suspicious behaviour by some anti-malware products. In those cases, we can exclude the folders from the security checking.


"C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Files"
"C:\ProgramData\Ideal Flight Professional"

Back up your profile folder: You can install newer versions of Ideal Flight over the old installation. The program files are overwritten, but your settings will be preserved. Some settings may be reset to default.

The Ideal Flight installation program will patch update or fully install and it's not much bigger than a screenshot. You can download whenever you want and install straight over the current installation to continue with the most up-to-date version of IF. You don't need to extract the file from the zip, just run from the zip contents viewed in explorer.

The Ideal Flight installation program has to check your FSX installation and may appear suspicious to your security software. The security program does this as a precautionary measure to guard against malware. Please choose to continue the Ideal Flight installation.

Compatibility: Do not change Windows compatibility settings for the installation file the installation may fail. Sometimes errors can creep into Windows compatibility settings; if IF10 won't install right-click and try the repair compatibility settings option. The Ideal Flight program is installed correctly when the installation program finishes normally. Always choose "this program installed correctly" if a compatibility message pops up.

Ideal Flight works with Microsoft Windows 11, and all Windows operating systems from and including Windows XP. In the event of international systems utilising extended character sets for logon names; compatibility for FSX, P3D, and their plethora of add-ons is best obtained by adding a user with a name composed from the simple character set aA..zZ, and installing all with that logon. Please Note: Ideal Flight does not support extended characters for user names within the file system at this time.

If you are updating it is best to perform a scenery re-index in Ideal Flight after the update. Right-click on the startup page and choose "Maintain Indexes" from the popup menu.

Registration requires an internet connection.

In some cases, internet browser security settings may need reducing, or internet security programs may need to be disabled to allow IF10 to complete the registration process.

Please see the Ideal Flight "Report" page for more information about the current version.

First Flight: After installing IF10, an index is created from your scenery. Once at the Home Page, please try a default flight first; simply leave things as they are and press the red next flight arrow icon. Please wait for the flight to be generated, view the briefing if you wish, and then start the flight with the Fly! button. End the flight by closing FSX or choosing the add-ons menu - "IF: Main Menu" - "Exit Flight" menu item.

Although unlikely, it is possible another kind of add-on may produce unexpected results running with Ideal Flight, please report back if any problems are encountered.

Please use the email address on the "Contact" page for support issues.

Ideal Flight previous versions.

Ideal Flight Professional - Prepar3D v4/5

(Old version Ideal_Flight_Professional_Setup_10_027eh.zip)

Ideal Flight 10 Professional - Prepar3D v2/3

(Old version Ideal_Flight_Professional_Setup_10_015pi.zip)

Ideal Flight 10 Special Edition - FSX/FSX:SE Flight1 authenticated version

(Old version Ideal_Flight_SE_Setup_10_014fj.zip)

Ideal Flight 10 - FSX/FSX:SE original codelegend.com authenticated version

(Old version Ideal_Flight_Setup_10_012sq.zip)

P3D v2/3 B58TC and FSX Turbo Pack - requires original files from FSX aircraft.

codelegend P3D B58TC* and FSX Turbo Pack BB58 C172*

Carefully prepared turbocharged modifications to the P3D B58, and the FSX standard models: Beech Baron 58 and Cessna 172 aircraft.

*Please ensure you have the default Baron 58 and Cessna 172 installed in their original directories, the TC aircraft access these folders for the model data.

Turbo Pack Aircraft

Please read the End User Licence Agreement before downloading FSX Turbo Pack. You may also want to read the Website Terms & Conditions before downloading any software from the site.

FSX: Download codelegend FSX Turbo Pack BB58 & C172 file codelegend_FSX_Turbo_Pack_BB58_C172.zip Download FSX add-on codelegend FSX Turbo Pack BB58 C172 .zip file:

P3D: Download codelegend P3D BB58TC file codelegend_P3D_B58TC.zip Download P3D add-on codelegend BB58TC .zip file:

After downloading, extract to a temporary folder where full instructions are supplied in READ ME FIRST.HTM.

Updated 8/11/2010; B58TC: Fixed missing right hand glass panel.

Updated 17/12/2010; B58TC: Improved default texture selections, improved IF section in setup.ini.

Updated 12/2/2015; B58TC: Added NAV/GPS switch to VC right of comms select panel, and swapped FD/AP buttons on 2D panel layout.

* Stock FSX Baron and Cessna required for models.

APM fix for Saitek


Download: codelegend APM fix for Saitek

Enable or disable Advanced Power Management on Saitek USB devices.

Disabling APM on all Saitek devices can improve overall reliability, and cure the problems of Red-segment displays failing.

Download the codelegend APM fix for Saitek .zip file codelegend_APME_fix_for_Saitek.zip Download the codelegend APM fix for Saitek .zip file:

After downloading, extract to a new folder, refer to READ_ME.htm.

APM fix for Saitek current version

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