Screen Imp:
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Screen Imp v 0.997 - October 28, 2022

Please read the End User Licence Agreement before downloading Screen Imp. You may also want to read the Website Terms & Conditions before downloading any software from the site.

.zip - download, extract, and run the .exe program

Download the Latest Screen Imp Setup.zip File (v 0.997) Download the latest Screen Imp setup.zip installation file: ScreenImpSetup_0997.zip

After the Screen Imp install file has completed downloading, please run the setup.exe program and you will be guided through the setup process.

You can just install later versions of Screen Imp over the original installation. The files will be overwritten, but your settings are preseved.

To register Screen Imp run once as Administrator and the details are set. Right-click on the desktop icon and choose Run as Administrator from the popup menu.

Please see the Screen Imp Report page for information about the current version.

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