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Tutorial 6

Can I keep different Screen Imp set-ups to use later?

You can choose from alternatively adjusted Screen Imps, (Screen Imp 1, Screen Imp 2, Screen Imp 3, etc.), each with their own settings. After setting the "More than One" option, many Screen Imps can be started, and even run at the same time. Shortcut links can be created for any particular Screen Imp, when the More than One option is set.

First of all, from the Settings form, Program tab, select the "More than One" option.

Setting More than One Allow more than one Screen Imp to run from the settings window

We could next just create a shortcut with the appropriate number. Instead, start another Screen Imp from the regular shortcut icon or menu entry.

Starting another Screen Imp Double clicking the Screen Imp icon again starts another Screen Imp

Now go to the Settings form, Program tab, of the second Screen Imp, "Screen Imp 2". Press the "Desktop Shortcut" button to create a new shortcut icon on the desktop named "Screen Imp 2"

Creating the Screen Imp 2 shortcut The new desktop shortcut for Screen Imp 2 is created from the Screen Imp 2 settings window

Alternatively from Screen Imp 1, we could have simply created the shortcut for Screen Imp 2 and started it.

We can now leave Screen Imp 2 set as we like, for the next time we need it.

When the More than One option is disabled, we can still start Screen Imp 2, but that will be the only one allowed to run.

When More Than One is enabled, a shortcut created will be specifically for starting the Screen Imp instance, of the number displayed. As in Screen Imp 2 above.

The original shortcut will always start the first (or next) instance of Screen Imp, since it does not specify a program number. When the More Than One option is disabled, a shortcut created will also not have a specified program number, and operate the same as the original.

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