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Tutorial 2

How do I capture a menu item being selected?

Normally use the Windows Print Screen key, since other key presses cause the menu to hide. In the event of both hands tied, a time delay can be used as a count-down to taking the snapshot. The best thing to do is rehearse the shot before taking it.

Here we are selecting Application Window view from the view menu. The window has been resized large enough to become an entire background for the menu. The shot was taken with the count-down timer.

Capturing a Menu Item This picture of a menu item being selected was captured as the timer count down completed

Setting the capture delay mode, perhaps five seconds is long enough.

Selecting Capture Delay Mode Selecting count down from the settings window

In this case with Windows XP, the window we were capturing is a shaped window. We cut out the window shape from the background with the Shaped Windows setting.

Selecting Shaped Windows Selecting shaped window capture

Now after setting off the snapshot, the count-down gives us time to pull down the menu and capture the selected menu item.

Here we used the Window Component view to get the actual menu. Then added a 1 pixel black edge, with the frame function on the thumbnail view window toolbar.

Capturing a Menu Menu captured with component view
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