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Tutorial 4

Can I use the camera view as an enhanced view of other operations?

The camera view provides an enhanced view of the desktop in use. The toolbars can be removed, the form set to stay on top, and an increased scale of view selected. The simultaneous close-up view can be quite useful.

Removing the toolbars.

Deselecting the Toolbars Removing the toolbars from the settings window

Setting to stay on top of the other application.

Selecting Stay On Top Selecting Stay On Top

Painting with a close up view.

Using Screen Imp as a Loupe Camera viewing close up of a paint operation

Also, grid and protractor tools can overlay the image to help with measurement and positioning. Below, drawing a line inclined at 60 degrees from vertical.

Using Screen Imp as an overlay Camera viewing a paint operation with the protractor tool as an overlay guide

Since the camera looks at the whole desktop, if Screen Imp itself is in view, that may show the beginning of an infinite number of desktops. Exactly the same as pointing a video camera at its monitor. Instead, choose to have the view of Screen Imp with its window content blank, from the View page in main settings.

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