Ideal Flight 10:
Purchase Page

Please purchase a licence for Ideal Flight.

A licence for Ideal Flight must be obtained for each installation of FSX or P3D that has Ideal Flight installed as an add-on.

Approximate price: $39.95 USD + Tax.

Expansion approximate price: $29.95 USD + Tax. Upgrade your IF10 with >augmented.

Professional approximate price: $69.95 USD + Tax each version *. Prepar3D versions include full >augmented functionality.

A registration code is supplied with each licence purchased. There are two versions for Prepar3D, IF10 Professional for v2/3, and Ideal Flight Pro for v4.

Buy now from Flight 1

Registration requires an internet connection.

Please use the Forums for support issues. Alternatively use the email address found on the Contact page.

Download and install Ideal Flight now if you would like to try it out. Even without a valid registration code entered, Ideal Flight is quite functional. Only ten flights can be made, only one profile can be used, and not all flight plan types and settings can be made.

Thank you for trying Ideal Flight!

Ideal Flight can be used in restricted form until the evaluation period expires. After that time, a registration code must be purchased, or Ideal Flight should be removed from the system.

Ideal Flight can be reinstalled for further evaluation if required.

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