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Ideal Flight Development: Ideal Flight will continue to be developed and improved as necessary.

10/October/2019 - Fixes and improvements available in future builds:

  • Accessibility: Screen reading includes line end pauses with multiple lines.
  • Fixed: Disabled settings in checkbox windows appear enabled when starting.
  • Fixed: Some minor corrections to control descriptions.

6/September/2019 - Fixes and improvements:

  • New: All versions. Accessibility upgraded; automated enhanced support for Narrator and NVDA screen readers.
  • Improved all controls with descriptions specifically for screen reading devices.
  • Improved briefing options settings for excluding pictures and maps decreases build times.
  • New: Entire IF In-Sim menu also available from the Ideal Flight popup menu, with confirmation popup before functions are called.
  • New: Repeat Last Message menu item added to the in-sim IF: Main Menu.
  • New: Airport Glyphs in map images show Tower location.
  • New: Option to ignore player events moving the aircraft onto the ground to complete flights.
  • New: Option to disable user interface bloom to increase performance if required. Automatically switches off with screen readers active.
  • New: Tour mode allows a user text file of ICAO destinations for the planner to follow. Tours are managed on a per Profile basis.
  • P3Dv4 version: New advanced CPU Analysis Window with program configuration options menu.
  • P3Dv4 version: New visual Sim Performance CPU Gauge included for quick indication of problems.
  • P3Dv4 version: New advanced CPU Tracking and Reporting with respect to P3D v4 performance.
  • P3Dv4.4+ version: Change from B58 default aircraft to Mooney and correction of stock aircraft list.
  • Improved: Flight plan importing has option to override cruise altitude during import.
  • Improved: Enable/disable Airports Filters selection from a checkbox list window accessible from Flight Generator and Browse Airports pages.
  • Improved: Flight Generator page; Cold and Dark subsystem also available from Aircraft Selection page.
  • Improved: Scrolling for textual pages limited to fill last visible page.
  • Improved: Keyboard controls. All keyboard handling functions rationalised. Escape key restores current edit or activates popup menu, alternatively Control+Alt activates the popup menu. Escape key can be disabled from activating popup menu. Tab and Shift+Tab move to next and prior controls. Up, Down Cursor keys emulate Tab key outside of edits. Enter key and Spacebar press buttons. Enter key asserts current edit. OK buttons save edits and exit the current page back to prior page in Settings. Save buttons keep on current page. Left Cursor key shifts back through pages.
  • Improved: Small button face symbols selection use more intuitive characters.
  • Updated controls placement on the grid to comply accurately when selecting different text sizes.
  • Professional and >augmented versions: Flight Generation page Airport sort order buttons enhanced.
  • Professional and >augmented versions: Start Other Programs system improved and enhanced with per system wide and overlaid with per pilot setup. Also includes an easy Affinity Mask setup.
  • Browse Airports Page: Airport text, runway background, shows tower graphic.
  • Briefing: Improved to include Tabbable html headings.
  • Briefing: Improved to include text captions for altitude graphs.
  • Pilot profile html page improved to include html headings, more complete and better ordered.
  • Increased space requirements when finding the smallest available space for a newly selected aircraft.
  • IF10 FSX Base versions: More aircraft selection page controls included in basic FSX versions package.
  • IF10 FSX Base versions: More weather page controls included in basic FSX versions package.
  • IF10 FSX Base versions: More browse airports page controls included in basic FSX versions package.
  • Fixed: Persistent resurfacing during startup.
  • Fixed: Fails to build flight with Start Any Time chosen in the Profile page.
  • Fixed: Aircraft Types dropdown will now skip empty categories to next occupied category in list forwards or backwards.
  • Fixed: P3Dv2/3 and v4 versions. Flight load xml error. Some extended characters do not convert to xml with the current aircraft variation.
  • Fixed: Message popup 'weather theme missing' with clear skies theme mode selected.
  • Fixed: Checkbox list Space Bar focus jumps several lines ahead to a line starting with a space.
  • Fixed: Reset of the 'Start in User Scenario Screen' setting after IF flights, for the normal simulator desktop start.
  • Fixed: Improved all fuel functions in Flight Generator page.
  • Fixed: Briefing shows some wrong values in quick information fuel section, and some other items.
  • Fixed: Possibility of dialog box hiding behind other windows during application refocus.
  • Fixed: Odd behaviour of cursor arrow keys with Installer.
  • More: Plenty of other improvents.

The Ideal Flight installation program has to check your simulator installation and may appear suspicious to your security software. The security program does this as a precautionary measure to guard against malware. Please choose to continue the Ideal Flight installation as it is perfectly safe to do so.

Compatibility: Ideal Flight is compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 10. No need to set Administrator Privileges or compatibility settings. Changing compatibility settings on the installer program can cause it to fail to install or run correctly.

Registration requires an internet connection.

Although unlikely, it is possible another kind of add-on may produce unexpected results within Ideal Flight. Please report back if any problems are encountered.

If sufficient help cannot be located in the Forum discussions, please use the email address on the Contact page for support issues.

Fixes and improvements reported will be available in the next update. Please visit the Download page for the latest version.

There is a version checking function; right click the start page for the popup menu - please choose "Ideal Flight Version Check".

Please let us know if you find a bug or just want to pass comment. Any comments are welcome, please see the Contact page for more information, or use the Forum discussions.

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