Worked fine on WinXP

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Worked fine on WinXP

Postby Steve Waite » Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:10 pm

Hi all,

Next time anyone installs FSX on Vista/Win7/Win8, unless you are making a dedicated drive or folder simply make a regular install of FSX logged on as a user, don't worry about windows security issues at all.

Once you got FSX up and going and before installing any addons at all (except IF since IF is immune), you should select the FSX program directory and enable write and modify permissions on the folder and subfolders, for the USERS group.

Once that simple mod is done you never need worry about "worked perfect on WinXP" addons again.

However some addons try to modify a secure registry setting during normal user running and these must always be "Run as Admin", there's no way round it.
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