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Please note:

Kagi online retail has ceased trading. We are looking at options for Screen Imp; please check back later...

A licence must be purchased for each person that is to use Screen Imp.

Purchase Instructions: Screen Imp registration codes can be purchased from the codelegend page at the Kagi online store. A registration code is supplied with each licence purchased.

Note Screen Imp must be "Run As Administrator" to enter the registration code.

Download and install Screen Imp now if you would like to try it out. Even without a valid registration code entered, Screen Imp is fully functional. However, when printing, saving files, and sending images to the clipboard, a small message is included in the corner of the image.

Thank you for trying Screen Imp!

Screen Imp can be evaluated for as long as is necessary. After that time, a registration code must be purchased, or Screen Imp should be removed from the system.

With one registration you can install Screen Imp onto any of your computers, but only one user is registered. Two people using Screen Imp on your machines, requires two registrations.

You can take a copy of Screen Imp with you on a portable storage device, for your own occasional use on other machines. An Installation of Screen Imp is different to a portable copy. With a portable copy, the registered user is provided with a mechanism that automatically enters the licence code number each time Screen Imp is started. A keyboard setup file can also be included in the same directory to keep your keyboard settings.

For a site installation, a mechanism is provided to automatically enter the key code when installing onto many machines from a server.

Details of these mechanisms are provided with the licence key codes.

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