Keeping plans and airports to only one country

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Keeping plans and airports to only one country

Postby Steve Waite » Thu Jun 16, 2016 3:26 pm

To stick to one country in IF10 plans we can make a file with only ICAOs of one country and use that in the Airports Subset filter on the Flight Gen page.

In the popup menu on the flight gen page submenu New Subset, I made one named UK Only, then selected that into the subset field.

Now go to the world map page and choose the new Subset in the right hand dropdown field.

Next, in the popup menu Submenu, choose Add group to subset, scroll down to UK and OK. Those without >augmented can only select in the scenery files, >augmented and Pro users can select the country codes.

Now the subset is filled with all UK airports (or all airports of one scenery file with regular IF10). We can scroll through those airports in the dropdown menu under the map.

We can hand edit the subset files and place ICAOs in any order, any number on a line as long as there's at least a space between them. In the Flight Gen page we can launch Explorer at that location.

Now the planner will only find these airports contained within the subset loaded in Flight Gen.
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