Aircraft page Simulator Configuration section

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Aircraft page Simulator Configuration section

Postby Steve Waite » Wed Jun 01, 2016 5:42 pm

With the Aircraft page Simulator Configuration section we can command IF10 to replace certain configuration files of the simulator, just before it is launched by IF10. We can choose to provide a base file for All Aircraft or Aircraft Type and have sections Merged depending on the aircraft we selected. Or we can more simply choose to have files replaced with a specified file.

Let's look at specifying a dll.xml for a particular aircraft. Here we've saved a file, and the content represents the dll.xml file we want the simulator to load:


On the Aircraft Selection page of IF10 we select from the drop down menus. We select "Model Name" for this Aircraft so that the file we want to load as the dll.xml is only used with this particular aircraft:


We can test the setup with the Test button, this creates the file in the proper simulator configuration folder as a .txt text file, and opens it in notepad for inspection. Comments are included in the test file so we can see where the content comes from and the intended group, but these comments don't appear in the actual simulator file.

We can make a dll.xml master file that is fully featured and implemented with "All Aircraft" and provide other files for particular aircraft. Or we can make a master and file with only the bare essentials, and then choose files containing content we want to place into the base file (Merge). When we experiment and use the Test button, text files are created of these .xml and .cfg files and we can check the simulator configuration folder for these versions before committing the real thing into the simulator when IF10 launches it.

Remember to back up cfg and xml files first. Use the Explorer button on the right of the Configuration section to launch Explorer into the IF10 config folders.
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