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How to....

PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 6:00 pm
by edl

I would like to simulate a airlines like Southwest from say Klax to ..., how would be the best way to set this
up in IF so that I can have it pick random flights, maybe with stop over.

Ed Lewis

Re: How to....

PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 6:33 pm
by Steve Waite
Hi Ed,

Here's a step-through of one way to go about things:

1. First set up the times to fly on the Profile page: for example Departures from 6am, Grounded from 3pm, would mean we only get flights leaving up to 3pm giving us say a 3 hour flight and we're in the hotel bar by 7pm. Type in KLAX as the current airport and Save. Should put you at the airport if it exists.

2. Choose your aircraft.

3. So your departure is KLAX, go to the Flight Generator page and set some filters: Include ILS, Tower Frequency, Parking places. Set the flight times from 2h to 3h, and press Search. Should find a few airports and chooses one from the list for you already, or choose one yourself from the drop down list.

4. Go to the Mission page: Press Mission button. Choose from the Approach and Departure drop down lists, Computed Approach, and Initial Departure Fix. Save and back to Flight Gen page.

5. Plan Type: IFR, Approach Waypoints Included, Plan Builder: Follow Airways. Press Build... When finished press the top right round button: Full Briefing. Check out the flight details.

6. Fly the route. Save the de-brief. Go back to airport/home page. Check into hotel.

7. On the main IF10 page icon shelf: the red arrow icon that U-Turns, press that: Return Flight/Free Flight. A flight is built back to KLAX. Or a free flight is built if you've not just flown in to the airport.

Re: How to....

PostPosted: Fri Mar 11, 2016 6:16 am
by Steve Waite
Let's say perhaps you would like to keep flying into your favourite airport from random locations. Put yourself at the airport configure as normal. Create a flight from the right facing red arrow icon, let it build the route. Either fly the route and come back with the return button. Or If you just want to fly in from there, right-click for the popup menu and choose Reverse Route. Also the popup menu on the Browse Airports page has a sub Menu, features random airports within range.

When you've flown a route, check out the Range values in the de-brief and think about applying a more accurate Range parameter vale into the Aircraft Flight Parameters page. The Range parameter value largely controls the fuel computation.