Ai and User Aircraft setup

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Ai and User Aircraft setup

Postby Steve Waite » Tue Jan 28, 2014 1:39 pm

Perhaps we want to store our aircraft elsewhere on the system, maybe organised between Ai and User types.

Say I have C:\MyAiAircraft and C:\MyAddonAircraft

I would add these lines to FSX config - Section [Main] in fsx.cfg

SimObjectPaths.8=C:\MyAddonAircraft <- I don't want these included for Ai just users
SimObjectPaths.9=C:\MyAiAircraft <- I want these for Ai - IF10 reads fsx.cfg and installs these

In IF10 Settings.ini IF10 reads these and includes them all for Users - IF10 settings.ini:

Dir3=C:\MyAddonAircraft <- I don't want these included for Ai just users

Next in settings.ini IF10 reads these and excludes them all for Ai - IF10 settings.ini:

Dir6=C:\MyAddonAircraft <- I don't want these included for Ai just users

Completely refresh the Ai Setup by deleting the AIInclude.dat file:

Close IF10, then delete the file:
"C:\ProgramData\Ideal Flight 10\Profiles\AIInclude.dat"

Finally restart IF10 and go to the Ai Selection Page.

Hint: The popup menu on the IF10 startup page will take you to Edit the IF10 config and settings files. The popup menu on the main page will take you to Explorer Locations - FSX config.
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