Notes about IF10 weather

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Notes about IF10 weather

Postby Steve Waite » Sat Jan 04, 2014 1:50 am

Some notes about IF10 weather, proximity wake applies only to the >augmented upgrade. Weather updates in [sf] are almost undetectable:

Winds are seamlessly interpolated from the ground to space. Jet Streams can be entered smoothly. Visibility distance increases and decreases with conditions, weather continues to change throughout the day and year. The compromise with this type of weather is that a thunderstorm can change to a clear evening, but at some point the CB clouds will have to disappear, perhaps abruptly, although FSX weather merge smoothing is used to best advantage by IF10, clouds can appear to come and go. The thermal and ridge-lift engine takes care of thermal lift and sink, ground effects, helicopter rotor effects, proximity wake, turbulence and wind-shear effects. These are applied to any weather engine unless the options are turned off in the weather page checkboxes. The injection of physics by the IF10 thermal and ridge-lift engine has no consequence in respect of frames per second as it is by manipulation of systems already running in the simulator, other types of turbulence injection are by operating the physics of the aircraft and will slow down the sim and appear jerky. IF10 thermal and ridge-lift engine effects other aircraft in the sim since it is by manipulation of the sim atmosphere.
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