Future IF (revisited)

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Re: Future IF (revisited)

Postby Steve Waite » Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:54 am

Not long to go before the next update, sorry about the delays. I'm nearly ready to upload. There will be a few previews available here before I update the version in the Flight1 wrapper and the download page. Previews will be made available in the forum. Those that use the previews, which I recommend to do, when checking for new versions these will only report the current as newest.

In the next versions I incorporate some changes for accessibility throughout the application. Then, mainly the fuel section has been overhauled in the flight generator page, but several other small adjustments and fixes have been made in most sections to keep improving things as usual.

New for the x64 P3D v4 version (64bit) only, I have provided CPU monitoring - with respect to how P3D v4 uses the CPU. Included is a visual gauge that shows the CPU throughput with respect to P3D in real time and other values from the system including an exclusive simulator Quality rating value.

A CPU monitor window calculates system throughput with respect to P3D v4 operation, and shows a graphical representation of the data in real time. The gauge and the CPU monitoring window help to ease setup and adjustment of settings that affect the performance of the simulation. CPU traces have been added to the graphing system. It is not a simple CPU monitor like Task Manager, which does not show how P3D uses the performance of the CPU and does not take Hyperthreaded P3D systems into consideration. Ideal Flight Professional for P3D v4 will include functions that understand the system including a full suite of Affinity and HT settings and logging.

I'll have more information soon and full instructions will be provided.
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