getting the briefing text to show up

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Re: getting the briefing text to show up

Postby Steve Waite » Tue Sep 03, 2019 7:05 am

Hi there!,

I'm not sure what it is you are seeing or not seeing, is it that your browser does not contain the briefing?

The few places it may be are the Other Settings page. The main settings page where we check and uncheck sections of the briefing, and we move them around in order. The settings page has a defaults button that makes all those as they were when we start.

On the profiles page popup menu: Edit Briefing and Profile Text. That's a Notepad with some text we can use to put our own stuff in the Briefing. We add pre formatted text or html actions in there. Something wrongly added to those can cause issues.

Then there is the Cold and Dark page. We can set Kneeboard showing, the one in the sim.

Another thing can happen if the simulator closes incorrectly it might not save the location on the desktop properly. That's not an issue with Ideal Flight, but some add-ons can hold up proceedings when we close the simulator and force things off screen. We can press ALT+ENTER a few times, that resets the desktop for the simulator.

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