Override FL.

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Override FL.

Postby reecemj » Sat May 04, 2019 2:21 pm

Thanks for putting in the override flight level. Its up front and quick. ;)
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Re: Override FL.

Postby Steve Waite » Sun May 05, 2019 1:31 am

Eye it is!

Can you have a look at the parameters page and see Max Cruise Alt.

What you can do is put in first what you would update your level to after making a flight.

in Max Cruise Alt put 10,000 and below it, Preferred Cruise Altitude, put 100 in there and you have 10,000, then Build the flight, saves building the flight twice if you know the flight level you want beforehand.

The reason for these boxes is so that for example we know how high we want to limit to, call it 40,000ft for argument sake. Now the actual altitude we might need usually may be say 36,000.

But that would be subject to alteration by odd thousands and 500's for different directions (US and European rules are included in IF). Perhaps with our route direction we get 36,000.

Back at 40,000 we don't want to go higher, we know that value so it is explicitly defined in IF.

Down at 35,000 or 35,500 or 36,000 we want to be given that value automatically in the build.

In this case I would like approx. 36,000 which is 90% of 40,000. So the loose setting of 90% is applied.

Therefore I put 40,000 in the top box and 90% in the box below and I get 35000-36000 according to direction of route.

Applying this approach to setting the cruise altitude can save time building routes.
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