IF10, IF10 Pro, and Flight 1 Wrapper

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IF10, IF10 Pro, and Flight 1 Wrapper

Postby Steve Waite » Mon Feb 01, 2016 5:41 pm

Currently (1/Feb/2016) the IF10 wrappers contain the older versions.

In the case of the P3D IF10 Pro version, the P3D v2/3 version is available in the new builds section. The updates are carried out in parallel with the FSX/FSX-SE versions, "original" and "Special Edition".

With Flight 1 purchases we still require the activation code pasted into the Registration Code edit box in IF10 Registration Window.

The Flight 1 Proof of Purchase Certificate Number = Registration Code (XXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX) to place into the IF10 registration code box. In the case of Special Edition, the Flight 1 FSX/FSX-SE version, and the original IF10 version, the lower registration box is for the ">augmented" upgrade/expansion pack with the Special Ed. code or the older 20 character lower case registration codes for the original version.

The product is currently undergoing an extensive overhaul and update - nearly completed. Preview versions are available in the New Builds section, Preview discussion.
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