What does version [sf] hope to fix?

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What does version [sf] hope to fix?

Postby Steve Waite » Mon Jan 27, 2014 4:12 am

Version [sf] expects to fix several major problems discovered with v [se].

1) Systems with no IF10 menu, no weather, and no assessment, caused by a networking inconsistency.

2) Aircraft cannot run IF10 menu intermittently or not at all, caused by a delay from simconnect during aircraft loading.

3) Cannot install, returns floating point errors or config.ini and settings.ini errors, caused by an error in the Windows Compatibility System creeping onto some machines.

4) Aircraft floats away on rising air currents, caused by a situation preventing the removal of old thermal objects.

5) Add-in weather stations occasionally set with weather from lat 0, lon 0, causes a sudden break in the weather.

6) Simulator stalling during weather updates, [sf] now has an improved weather injection method.
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