Airports with no ILS showing in the briefing

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Airports with no ILS showing in the briefing

Postby Steve Waite » Tue Oct 08, 2013 10:55 pm

Airports with no ILS showing in the briefing

Some addon airports (very few) have not included information about ILS beacons since they want the simulator to use the stock ILS systems for their new airport. There is a record in the database that instructs other programs reading the data to know where and what the ILS are for, and unfortunately this information is being left out by some addons.

The reason seems to be that these addons work fine in the sim simply because old ILS show through when new ones are not specified.

However, a program like IF10 needs to know all about things without the sim running and would need to construct the scene at the airports with the ILS and runways to assign the correct frequencies.

Instead there is a file:

C:\ProgramData\Ideal Flight 10\Index\ForceMerge.txt

If you find an addon airport with no ILS showing add the ICAO (no spaces) to a new line in ForceMerge.txt:

e.g. add "KBUF" on the next available line and save the file (Notepad.exe can be used)

Then re-index and see if the ILS are now showing.
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