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IF Configuration Steps

PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2016 10:23 pm
by rseijo
Hi, I am NEW to IF.
Last week in purchased and installed IF-10 Augmented. So far I am please with the investment.
Working with FSX and iFly 737NG Pro w/ AIRAC 1605

Looking for a step by step guide of how to configure IF to ensure I have it properly setup.

Also, are there any general setup tips for iFly 737NG? iFly is very sensitive to loading / configuration process.

Thanks! Ralph

Re: IF Configuration Steps

PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2016 11:06 pm
by Steve Waite
Hi Ralph, thanks for your support.

Seems like you've got things going OK so far and you are reasonably up to speed. Get the latest builds from the link at the bottom of the Preview discussion in the New Builds section. There's still a little work going on I'm close to releasing the builds to Flight1.

"are there any general setup tips for iFly 737NG? iFly is very sensitive to loading / configuration process"

There's two places of study regarding loading the planes. Remember that IF10 works with any addon planes and has settings to fit the peculiarities of various loading setups. On the Flight Generator page (runway icon) the Payloads button on the right of the payload entry box changes input between Lbs Kg and %, plus random %. An amount can be entered here or left to the program to assign a random amount, or the defaults found in the aircraft.cfg. From there press the Flight Parameters button. On that page you have the payloads definitions button. This window allows the type of payload and the amount to be changed in the payload stations assigned in the aircraft.cfg.

Any other particular areas of concern I can help with?

Re: IF Configuration Steps

PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2016 12:21 am
by Steve Waite
...Some aircraft have a payload app, run the payload app and enter the payload to match the IF10 briefing as close as possible.

After the flight. look at the de-brief, look at the fuel used. The Range is calculated based on that flight, climb descent landing, your inputs, all assessed. Put this value for Range into the Flight Parameters page to increase the accuracy of the fuel prediction for the subsequent flights. This doesn't mean you can ditch your fuel calculator since it's very handy to compare to IF10. The IF10 prediction will be exact if the same flight is repeated in exactly the same way.

The flight builder will look at the payload and reduce it to allow more fuel on board if the flight requires it.

Regarding the AIRAC cycle, the indexing creates a Route searching spanning tree from the data so takes a few minutes. The Bias setting gets data from the AIRAC or the Sim, this is mostly to do with the frequencies of the NAV Aids. Depending on the aircraft nav systems, the frequency from the sim or from the AIRAC may be required to be tuned.

Regarding the GPS and FMC.

The stock GPS will show the waypoint name but will not show a graphic for waypoints that exist in the AIRAC and not in the Sim. So if we are using an AIRAC based GPS then it is very handy to build routes from the AIRAC data, that's called Integrated. If we do not Integrate the AIRAC data, then the routes are built from the sim data. However if we have an AIRAC set into IF10, even though not Integrated, the planner will find the waypoints on the ends of routes corresponding to the exits and entrances of SIDs and STARs. The planner does not put in the waypoints of these since they are not for use in the GPS, but are for the FMC, load the SID/STAR in the FMC.

Re: IF Configuration Steps

PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2016 12:31 am
by Steve Waite

In the Flight Gen page we must select a Plan Type with Approaches, so that SIDs and STARs are utilised, and approaches and departures are provided with waypoints. We get to those in the Mission Page from Flight Gen.

Although the planner does not use the waypoints from the SIDs and STARs, it does use the waypoints from the departures and approaches of those (and transitions). These usually have ILS or VOR/NDB navigation systems available. Charts can be useful here, but IF10 puts in the list of available SID/STARs and they can be scrolled through in the FMC.

The Computed approach puts the aircraft on a course to land on a route very close to what the stock ATC system will guide you.

The IDF, initial departure fix is a handy waypoint for departures.

Re: IF Configuration Steps

PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2016 12:41 am
by Steve Waite
Export files

There is an iFly file type that can be exported to the iFly plans directory and loaded in the FMC to save adding in all the waypoints of the route. Some plans may not need the top of climb and top of descent (TOC/TOD) these are omitted by choosing the Plan Type without TOC/TOD.

From the Flight Gen page press the Exports button. In the Export window drop down list at the top choose the iFly file type, then add location. Edit the file name and path, save.

Every time the flights are built, the file is updated.

If you want a file named specifically use the "ICAOICAO" name type builds the flight file name from the ICAO codes in the flight.

Re: IF Configuration Steps

PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2016 2:51 am
by Steve Waite
There's one more option for payloads in the Cold & Dark section.

On the Flight Gen page, untick the "Warm Cockpit" checkbox, press C & D button, bottom left, Load aircraft before or after start, or leave payload blank in flight file.

Re: IF Configuration Steps

PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2016 12:38 pm
by rseijo
Hi Steve,
Thanks so much for all your guidance, I truly appreciate it!!

Last night I installed the update you recommended. Did not have the opportunity to check things out yet; hopefully tonight.

With regard to iFly 737NG. Typically iFly wants FSX loaded with default Cessna. Adjust weather, time of day and airport as required etc. Once FSX settles then load the iFly aircraft.
Is there any feedback from the community that the recommended iFly process can be bypassed and launch with the selected iFly Aircraft from IF10? My initial Cold & Dark launch from IF10 bypassing iFly's process looked good; aircraft loaded, views where there, no apparent issues. Due to the late hour I did not have the opportunity to proceed beyond APU Start Up; although everything looked good...

Thanks again for the all support and recommendations!

Regards Ralph

Re: IF Configuration Steps

PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2016 6:22 pm
by Steve Waite
The iFly does not need a default plane loaded first in FSX, unless you've not closed FSX and you've been flying a complex non-stock aircraft, in this case either close FSX or load a default plane first.

IF10 starts the sim if it's not running already and loads the flight from the command line i.e. "fsx.exe ideal_flight.flt" this starts FSX if it's not running and loads the flight file first. If it's already running it just aborts the current flight in process and loads the new flight.

P3D is different and IF10 forces a load of the default flight or some settings are not started like the AP. These settings are manually adjusted in IF10 Config.ini.