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IF10 Security

PostPosted: Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:28 pm
by Steve Waite
IF10 is a protected file and cannot be tampered with easily. If the file is altered in any way the program will refuse to run stating that it has been altered.

When a program is installed, administrator rights are required to set up the installation.

IF10 installation checks first for tampering with the file and exits if it is deemed unsafe.

If the file is safe the program wants to switch into admin mode and asks the user to choose OK to continue. IF10 then re-launches in admin mode for the installation. Once IF10 is installed no admin privileges are required to run the program normally.

It is this increased level of design that ensures IF10 will not allow malware to be installed on your system.

Re: IF10 Security

PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 1:46 am
by Steve Waite
If we have an addon aircraft that only runs properly when FSX is “Run as Administrator”, we could set the IF10 icon to “Run as Administrator”, which in turn will start FSX with the same privileges, and hence also starts the aircraft in Admin mode along with it.

Obviously it’s more risky if some kind of virus has infected the PC, and written malware to any executable files it finds, since when run in Admin mode the payload is installed.

Generally, “Run as Administrator” should only be required to install software, or when software is required to make changes to files and folders.

Quite often with FSX set-ups, Admin mode is selected when it would not be necessary if only the proper access rights are set on the FSX Program Files folder and its contents. Please check out

Setting FSX Folder permission


on the codelegend forum for more on the subject. Although not required by IF10, this modification will ensure FSX addons install and run smoothly

Some software attempts to alter other settings requiring Admin mode, usually in the Windows registry, and these will always need to be “Run as Administrator” unfortunately.