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IF Installation fails: Config.ini, Settings.ini, FP errors

PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 4:36 pm
by Steve Waite
There is a problem going around.

On some non-UK systems there is a bug appearing in the Windows System Compatibility code.
Some other program is installed and then once affected the Windows System Compatibility code will intercept reads to ini files as assumes the program won't be able to understand the period instead of a comma for a decimal point.

Period decimal point characters in IF's Config.ini and Settings.ini file reads are intercepted by the Windows System Compatibility code and altered to commas, this causes the error.

It does not only affect IF, even FSX installs can fail with similar errors.

How to solve the problem

1. Uninstall affected program from the control panel
2. Set date and time formats to UK ENGLISH in the control panel app
3. Reboot
4. Set date and time formats to desired
5. Install program

Some systems do not respond to this treatment. Instead reboot in English formats and try the install, then if that fails create a new Windows User Account in English date/time/number format and install IF. If this works you can now change to your desired formats.

Do not set the IFInstall.exe to "Run as Admin", this circumvents the carefully coded security built into IF.
Do not change any compatibility settings on the file, the installation will fail.
Do not change your AntiVirus settings to install IF.